50 Positive Catalysts for Bitcoin

Murad Mahmudov of Adaptive Capital and advisor to GiveBitcoin gave a presentation on 50 positive catalysts for Bitcoin at Baltic Honeybadger 2019.

“The disrupting thing about Bitcoin over Fiat is that Bitcoin, among other things, does not need to rely on complex legal infrastructure in oder to have value.”

– Manuel Polaviea

50 Positive Catalysts for Bitcoin: A list of 50 Forces and Trends Accelerating Bitcoin’s adoption

  1. Global Trust in Government Institutions, Banks, and Mass Media Companies is at Historic Lows
  2. Trust Between People is Eroding
  3. Trust Between Nations is Diminishing
  4. Global Debt Levels are at All Time Highs, and up 50% since the Global Financial Crisis
  5. Add Unfunded Liabilities and other Government Obligations to the Total Debt Number, and the Picture is Even Worse
  6. $15 Trillion in Negative-Yielding Debt Around the World
  7. Global Central Banks are in a Rate-Cutting Frenzy with Negative Rates Going Deeper into Negative Territory
  8. Normalization of Modern Monetary Theory and other Economic Schools of Thought Advocating for Unorthodox Monetary Policy
  9. Wealth Inequality in the English-Speaking World is at 100-Year Highs, and Near
  10. Multi-Decade Highs in Other Countries. More and More People are Realizing that Fiat Money, Central Banking, and Easy Monetary Policies may have had Something to do With It
  11. Growing Wealth and Income Inequality is One of the Factors Fueling the Rise of
  12. Populist Leaders and Politicians around the Globe Both on the Right and Left
  13. Populist & Radical Politicians are More Likely to Sharply Increase or Reduce Taxation, Engage in Aggressive Monetary Policies, or Confiscate Assets Outright
  14. Central Banks’ Demand for Gold is at Multi-Decade Highs
  15. Dollar’s Share of Global Currency Reserve is Slowly Declining
  16. Era of Bank Secrecy is Coming to an End as Switzerland and Other Traditional Private Banking Havens Start Sharing Account Data with Tax Authorities
  17. Mass-Surveilance, Both Financial and Non-Financial is on the Rapid Rise
  18. Attempts to Ban the Usage of Cash are on the Rise
  19. Sanctions & Weaponization of Large International Settlement Networks
  20. Bitcoin is Slowly Starting to be Frequently Mentioned in the Same Sentence as the term “Safe Haven”
  21. The Non-Tech-Savvy Older Generations are Gradually Passing Away while Tech-Savvy Younger Generations are Becoming Adults
  22. Internet Access Penetration Growing Steadily Worldwide
  23. Smartphone Penetration Continues to Grow Globally
  24. Proportion of their lives that People Spend in the Digital World Continues to Increase
  25. Continued Financialization of Bitcoin
  26. Bitcoin Core and other Layer One Improvements Steadily Continue Regardless of the BTCUSD Exchange Rate
  27. Work on Various Layer Two Technologies is Continuing
  28. Numerous Lightning Network and Features are in the Works
  29. Lightning-Related Infrastructure, Products, and Services are Expanding
  30. Bitcoin Hashrate Hit AllTime High
  31. Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution Improving
  32. Existing Bitcoin Privacy Solutions are being Improved and New Solutions are being Developed
  33. Custody Solutions Improving
  34. Growing Number of Non-Monetary Use Cases
  35. More People are Simply Coming to the Realization that Bitcoin is a Superior Good/Product to Previous Money-Products
  36. Bitcoin Infrastructure Expanding
  37. Bitcoin Memes
  38. Growth in Bitcoin Literature
  39. Growth in Bitcoin Educational Courses
  40. Rising Number of Bitcoin-Only Entrepreneurs and Businesses
  41. More and More Traditional Finance/Macro People are Slowly Recommending Bitcoin as Part of One’s Portfolio
  42. Stock-to-Flow Ratio and Model
  43. Global Penetration in Terms of Capital Still Remains Small Relative to the Total Addressable Market
  44. Superior Sharpe Ratio
  45. Uncorrelated Nature
  46. Bitcoin is a Better Remittance Solution
  47. Destruction of the ICO and Altcoin Complex
  48. Steady Reduction in Volatility
  49. Onchain Metric: Dormancy
  50. Onchain Metric: MVRV Ratio
  51. Onchain Metric: Addresses with at Least One Bitcoin
  52. Logarithmic Price plus Logarithmic Time Analysis
  53. Higher Monthly Lows Trend
  54. Self-Reinforcing Effects

“Only 1 out of 12 generations witness their money anchor change. You may be the lucky one.”

– Felipe De Santa

Watch the Full Baltic Honeybadger 2019 Conference Day One and Day Two

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