Cory Klippsten Founder of GiveBitcoin Interview with Keiser Report

Cory Klippsten, Founder of GiveBitcoin, sat down for an interview with Max Keiser at the Crypto Springs Conference in Palm Springs. Cory and Max talked about onboarding newcoiners into Bitcoin and how to remove friction when giving Bitcoin.

“Give + Timelock + Educate = Bitcoiner”

– Cory Klippsten

“We don’t let people give their own Bitcoin, we want people to hodl their Bitcoin. You can only liquidate dirty fiat for beautiful orange coin and put that in your friends account.”

– Cory Klippsten

“You don’t change Bitcoin. Bitcoin changes you.”

– Max Keiser

“Give the gift of Bitcoin, not just bitcoins.”

– Cory Klippsten

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GiveBitcoin makes it easy for you to buy Bitcoin for others, knowing that GiveBitcoin will help them understand it. Give them their first taste of Bitcoin, timelock it so they can’t spend it right away, and educate them on why it’s the best form of money we’ve ever had so they “hodl” for the long term. For more information or to join our email list, visit

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