GiveBitcoin Santa Hats Take Over Crypto Invest Summit Los Angeles

The GiveBitcoin team showed up big for Crypto Invest Summit Los Angeles 2019. Founder Cory Klippsten gave a talk on “The Gift of Bitcoin” day one on the expo stage and booth 105 was packed from the beginning to the end. Out in the media lobby we were able to record with several great crypto shows and get the word out on how you can gift Bitcoin to your friends and family this upcoming holiday season.

GiveBitcoin Founder Cory Klippsten “The Gift of Bitcoin” CIS Expo Stage
Cory Klippsten and Shea AKA Cryptostache at CIS
Crypt0 Interview with Brekkie and Anders
Bitboy Crypto “The Gift of Bitcoin” at CIS
John Chow with GiveBitcoin at Crypto Invest Summit
Brekkie and Anders Interview with Crypt0

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GiveBitcoin makes it easy for you to buy Bitcoin for others, knowing that GiveBitcoin will help them understand it. Give them their first taste of Bitcoin, timelock it so they can’t spend it right away, and educate them on why it’s the best form of money we’ve ever had so they “hodl” for the long term. For more information or to join our email list, visit

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