Saifedean Ammous and Stephen Cole Highlight the GiveBitcoin Mission at Baltic Honeybadger 2019

Saifedean Ammous serves as an advisor to GiveBitcoin and Stephen Cole is one of our awesome investors. Saifedean and Stephen discuss the mission of GiveBitcoin during their time at Baltic Honeybadger 2019.

GiveBitcoin was born out of tons of conversations with Bitcoiners asking them about the hurdles and speed bumps they faced when trying to give Bitcoin to a friend or family member for the first time.

Stephen and Saifedean talk about how GiveBitcoin can make you more “scalable” as you’re spreading the word about Bitcoin to others because GiveBitcoin will handle the education for your new giftee.

Stephen has a personal story about an Uber driver that he had a great conversation with and helped onboard him into buying Bitcoin. A little bit later the Uber driver texted him back excitedly about how he was able to buy Bitcoin and had even found another exciting thing called…..Ripple.

GiveBitcoin fixes this.

The timelock and education component of GiveBitcoin will help new people stay on the path to becoming Bitcoiners.

GiveBitcoin makes it easy for you to buy Bitcoin for others, knowing that GiveBitcoin will help them understand it. Give them their first taste of Bitcoin, timelock it so they can’t spend it right away, and educate them on why it’s the best form of money we’ve ever had so they “hodl” for the long term. For more information or to join our email list, visit

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