The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is… Bitcoin?

Compared to roses, chocolate, or diamonds, Bitcoin is a better investment, lowers time preference, and is way more scarce. Doesn’t your partner deserve a gift like that?

Sure, you can play it safe with the usual Valentine’s Day gifts. You can buy flowers (a bit cliché), chocolate (full of sugar), diamonds (blood on your hands), or some other traditional gift.

Or you can color outside the Hallmark-approved lines and show your love by giving your partner something truly scarce: Bitcoin.

Let’s compare traditional Valentine’s gifts to Bitcoin.

Chocolates are high time preference

If you give chocolate, you’re showing your partner life is all about high time preference. Sugar tastes great in the moment, but you often regret it afterwards. Bitcoin, on the other hand, will lower your relationship’s time preference.

This focus on the future can deliver positive results in many areas of life, not just your relationship, including health, savings, productivity, etc.

Diamonds are fiat gems

Diamonds aren’t even scarce. We should call them fiat gems because De Beers simply hoarded the supply, decreed that diamonds were valuable, and we all fell for it. You know what is scarce? Bitcoin.  Skip the jewelry and buy something truly scarce. Bitcoins are forever.

Dinners have a high opportunity cost

Instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a meal, stay in and cook dinner together. It’s more romantic and you’ll save money (to stack sats).

Instead of spending $200 on dinner today, stack a couple million Sats. Don’t be the Bitcoin Pizza Guy on Valentine’s Day.

Roses are a poor investment

If you purchase roses for Valentine’s Day, you’re giving your partner a poor investment. We all know what happens to roses after a few days; they wither and die like your average altcoin.

But you know what’s been a great investment? Bitcoin.

In fact, Bitcoin blows away almost any other investment. If you had invested $10 per week for the last 5 years, your $2,610 investment would be worth $27,489 today.

But what about price volatility?

Look, there are always ups and downs in life. It’s true with Bitcoin and it’s true with relationships too. Just because you and your partner have gone through some rocky patches doesn’t mean you give up on your love. No, you hodl.

In sickness and in health,
In bears and in bulls.

Set your partner up for success

“But I’m not sure my partner really gets Bitcoin?” Understood. You definitely don’t want your partner to receive Bitcoin without understanding why it’s the best money ever created and why they should want to hold onto it. You want to set your partner up for success.

Well, good news: This is why we created GiveBitcoin. To make onboarding new Bitcoiners as easy as possible.

  1. You give your partner some Bitcoin on
  2. Your Bitcoin gift is securely stored for a year with our custodian
  3. Our world class team of bitcoiners teaches them about Bitcoin.

Head on over to and gift your partner some Bitcoin. We’ll take care of the rest.

Hopefully, by next Valentine’s Day your partner will forgive you.

Any questions? Send us a note at


P.S. We’re launching an exciting new Bitcoin product called Swan. You made it to the end of this post, you deserve early access.




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